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biggerbids.com Testimonials

“We have been one of the internet’s leading firearms dealers for the past two decades. Until, I came across BiggerBids.com a few months ago, my experience with Template Auction websites has been at the best, very poor! I used Listing Factory for the past 15 years, during that time, I asked for support hundreds of times and never received so much as an email back.When I signed up with BiggerBids.com, I received immediate support and it was a holiday weekend! Their sight is super easy to use, as simple as one, two, three and you have a great looking auction! The best part is that the templates work on any website, not just eBay!!

I highly recommend BiggerBids.com, you will not only save money but more importantly, valuable time!”

– Dan Hebert, Xpress Guns, LLC

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“BiggerBids did a great job on our custom template! The BiggerBids.com system makes listing on eBay so much easier and helps our company project a professional image.”

Nate French, Top Rated eBay Seller

“I had a hard time finding a quality service that would help me stand out on Bid4Assets, but am happy to have signed up for your service. You’re a well kept secret!”

– Jaz Malone, uses our templates on Bid4Assets.com

“I love the selection of quality templates that actually look professional. Some other sites have cheap clip-art-looking first grade art projects and call them templates. Yours are much nicer :)”

– Roxanna Dorsey, Founder, ROLO Worldwide

“Hey, I’m in business to sell stuff, not be a web designer. You guys make that much easier!”

– Albert Martinson, uses our templates on GunBroker.com

“I must admit I did not expect such good customer service. Incredibly refreshing!”

– Nelson T., uses our templates on eBay

“Thank you since I truly like the bigger bids templates & ease of listing with your company. I’ve looked and have found no other company compatible with bigger bids. Mostly the fact you have tried so diligently to update your templates to comply with eBay’s policy. They haven’t made it easy to comply and you have kept me updated with the changes you’ve made and that one on one messaging is ultimately the main reason I will continue using bigger bids and spreading the word to others having problems complying with eBay’s policy’s.”

– KB, use our templates on Ebay

“I have been totally satisfied with your product. I wish I had found it earlier in my selling career. Thanks very much and best wishes.”

– PY Testimonial, Ebay Template User