New Image Uploader has been updated

As you may know, our previous bulk image uploader relied on a technology called Java.

Java is very popular across the internet but lately has created some security concerns for users, and many people (us included) disabled Java in our web browsers.

This limited you to the use of our Single Image Upload tool (which does not use Java).

So we developed on a new Modern Bulk Image Uploader which does not use Java and also allows you to drag and drop, or select multiple files at once.

This new update was released and we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback that it’s faster and easier than the old clunky one.

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New Image Uploader has been updated


Now, Here are some important tips:

Be sure you’re using a modern web browser

Most modern sites and services do not support old internet browsers.

We do our best to support old versions but some features may not work properly (or at all) on certain browsers.

For best performance, we strongly suggest you use either Google Chrome or Firefox.

These are free to download and work great.

Here are the links for you if you’d like to try them.

This will fix most issues.

Google Chrome is here
Firefox is here

Be sure your browser is updated to the latest version

This is an all around best practice for lots of reasons, but if you’re already using Firefox/Chrome (or even Internet Explorer) make sure you’ve installed the latest updates.

If it’s still not working and you need to contact us, be sure to include the following so that we can help you as quickly as possible

*Your Browser and Version (Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 27.1, etc.)
**Which page, URL, or part of the process you’re experiencing the issue on
***How many files you’re trying to upload and the size of those files (our previous version was limited to 30MB at once.
****This uploader allows for 20 files at once, which is roughly the same or more than 30MB in many cases)