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eBay Mobile Responsive Templates.

BiggerBids clients are seeing up to a 60% boost in sales.

What is an eBay Mobile Responsive Template?

Quite simply, an eBay template is a predefined framework enabling you to enter important information about your item for sale in specific areas, and it is packaged in an attractive design.

Templates are built using hypertext markup language (HTML) and typically use some form of cascading style sheets (CSS) to provide the look and formatting.

HTML and CSS are the same basic building blocks from which web pages are created.

Note: eBay templates are often referred to as eBay auction templates, eBay listing templates, or eBay HTML templates.

Why use a template?

There are many reasons to use a template when selling on eBay.

Professionally designed templates help build credibility and confidence in a buyer when they are deciding whether or not to purchase an item from you.

As you know, the eBay marketplace is made up of many individual sellers.

Purchasing an item from eBay is not like buying an item from a traditional Big Box Retailer website.

Your potential buyers may have questions such as:

  1. Will this item arrive as described?
  2. Will the item ship promptly?
  3. Will this item arrive at all?

These are all questions that relate back to trust between buyers and sellers.

Creating a positive first impression through the use of a professionally designed template can help bridge this trust gap and instill confidence in your buyers.

Consider this scenario.

Two eBay sellers are offering the same product at the same price and both have comparable feedback scores.

However, the first seller has presented the item for sale using a high quality template.

Essentially every time, the buyer is going to purchase from the first seller (the one using an auction template).

This is precisely how eBay templates help increase your sales and make you stand out from the crowd.

In addition, auction templates can help you build your brand and facilitate cross selling of your other items.

If you are using a quality template solution, you should be able to easily include and promote your eBay listings, include your business details, and include custom “policy” sections (e.g. Payment Details, Shipping Details, Return Policy) as desired to the template itself.

What makes a good template?

There are couple main elements that make a good eBay listing template:

Professional Design

This is the look and feel.

You want a template that looks professionally designed, not one that looks like some kid down the street created it.

You want to present a strong first impression and then close the deal with a sale.

Flexibility and Customization

Let’s face it, you are a unique seller and you have unique requirements in a template.

On one listing, you may need to include a “Refund Policy” section.

On the next, you may need to include a “Feedback Policy” section.

Or today, you may not have an eBay store, but tomorrow you might decide to open one.

When you open your store, you may want to include an eBay store section in your template.

As such, you need a template that can accommodate these variations.

At BiggerBids, our templates are designed to be “flexible.”

This means you can add and delete sections to meet your needs of today and tomorrow.

BiggerBids templates will properly adjust to accommodate these new additions or deletions.

Why use BiggerBids?

No technical skills required

BiggerBids makes this whole process quick and easy.

With our system, you do not have to know how to write HTML or how to write CSS.

You simply enter your auction details, and then select any one of our high quality professionally designed templates to apply to your content.

Save time By Using BiggerBids Service

In addition, you can create and use “profiles” within our system to really speed up the auction creation process.

With a profile, you simply include information that does not tend to change much from one auction to the next.

When creating your next auction, just apply your new profile to it and the majority of your work will already be done.

Unlimited image hosting and management built in

Another great feature of our system is our fully integrated image hosting.

You can upload images in bulk directly to your eBay templates or to folders for use at a later time.

Our service offers unlimited image hosting so you don’t have to worry about exceeding your limits and being forced to “upgrade.”

We also offer advanced image watermarking to help protect your images and promote your brand, as well as simple and effective image editing.

Promote your other auctions

Previously, we mentioned cross promotion.

BiggerBids offers a fully integrated scrolling gallery solution called Scrolleo.

Scrolleo is a flash based utility that “scrolls” your other eBay listings across the screen to help promote your other auction listings to potential buyers.

While Scrolleo is offered as a free stand-alone utility to the general public, this popular flash gallery is tightly integrated into BiggerBids for fast and efficient use.

Fully compatible

At BiggerBids, all of our eBay listing templates use 100% eBay friendly HTML.

Since eBay has strict rules regarding the use of HTML (and Javascript).

It can be a tricky process of creating templates that meet these strict requirements.

All of our templates use purely inline CSS styling and absolutely no “active content.”

You can check out eBay’s HTML policy here.

Plays well with others

Finally, we should mention another huge advantage of our templates and the BiggerBids system.

Do you sell on other marketplaces such as eBid, ePier, Bid4Assets, or any number of other auction websites?

BiggerBids templates can also be used on these auction sites!

So go ahead, register for your completely free 15 day (no credit card required) test drive on BiggerBids!

Example of Ebay templates shown below: