Auction Image Hosting

BiggerBids offers an unparalleled auction image hosting platform.

As an online auction seller, you have a unique set of needs and concerns when choosing an appropriate image host.

Reliable Auction Image Hosting

Your number one concern should be the reliability of your image host. The majority of an auction’s bids all come within a brief time frame (generally before that auction closes). It is imperative that your potential bidders can actually see the item they are bidding on. It is also important that those images load as fast as the viewer can download them. BiggerBids can provide you peace of mind in knowing that your images are hosted with an exceptional uptime and delivered at lightning-fast speeds.

Unlimited Image Storage members enjoy unlimited image storage. Don’t be fooled by some of our competitors. There aren’t many quality auction images that are only 50k in size. You don’t have to worry about how many images you save to your account, or how big those images are, or how much bandwidth those images eat up each month. Oh, and by the way, we will never delete your images so long as your account is active! How’s that for easy?

Bulk Image Uploading

Uploading and managing the images in your BiggerBids account is very easy. Our bulk upload tool allows you to upload, organize and watermark up to 30 MB worth of images at once. There is no need to find and upload each image individually. You can select entire folders of images from your computer to upload all at once. You can even bulk upload directly to an auction. New BiggerBids Image Uploader

Advanced Watermarking

Watermarking your images is very quick and simple. You can choose to watermark each image individually or even perform “mass watermarking” to multiple images at once. You can even watermark your images at the same time they are uploaded. Our system allows you to store a bank of pre-defined watermarks that can be quickly applied to any image in your account. Or you can apply custom watermarks to individual images. You can even configure how your watermark should appear by choosing your own text, font, color and watermark size.

Image to Auction Transfers

We’ve made it easy for you to associate your images with the auctions they belong in. You can either upload images directly to your auction layouts or import images from your image folders. Once you have your images placed in your auctions, you can still arrange, rotate and watermark them as needed.

Easy Image Management

Uploading and managing the images in your BiggerBids account is very easy. All of your images are either stored in image folders or are directly associated with your auction layouts. You can easily perform image edit actions such as image rotation, image deletion, image watermarking and even folder transfers on every image in your account.

Uploading Images is Simple, yet Robust

Uploading images to your BiggerBids account is a very simple process. You have three separate options for uploading to your account:

  • Bulk uploading allows you to upload up to 30 MB worth of images at once! There is no need to search and find each image on your computer, one-by-one. Our bulk uploading tool allows you to choose entire folders of images at once. Best of all, you can even apply one of your saved watermarks to each of the images you upload in bulk. We’ve taken a time-saving approach to image uploading to make your image upload and management time as minimal as possible.
  • Individual image uploading can be useful at times. If you do not want to use your bulk uploading tool, you can choose this option.
  • Upload directly to your auction layouts. You do not have to first upload your images, then import them to your auctions (although… you can). You can upload your images right into your layouts if you wish. You can still watermark and rotate them as needed within your auction layout.

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Image Editor

Our image editor tool allows you to perform any number of actions on any individual image saved to your hosting account. You can rotate your images, save them to different folders, delete them from your account or apply custom (or saved) watermarks. You can also obtain valuable information about your images such as their URL for inclusion in your eBay Gallery, URLs for the image’s thumbnail and full-size versions, image size and dimensions, date and time uploaded and more.

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