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If you’re looking for simple yet innovative and functional ePier auction templates, BiggerBids is the place to be.

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ePier.com Free Online Auction Site

ePier.com Free Online Auction Site

An easy to use and navigate website template is the most effective way to instill a powerful sense of trust and authenticity in your target audience.

At BiggerBids, we understand the need and importance of cutting-edge web tools and templates that businesses today need to excel and propel their business far ahead of their market rivals.

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Our templates have made a significant impact on online businesses all around the globe.

That is because of pure ingenuity and topnotch creativity guaranteed by our team of experienced and skilled designers and developers.

Why BiggerBids?

We know what exactly our clients require and have never compromised on the quality and effectiveness of the templates we design.

We don’t work with recycled templates.

Our auction templates are freshly designed with powerful integrations, allowing you to customize important components of the template.

For example, you can integrate your own Refund Policy or Customer Feedback section as per you own specifications.

We have the resources and the technical experience to ethically promote your brand name in your template and make the online products listing process faster than ever before.

We take care of the technical side of things, leaving you to focus on other critical aspects of the website.

What You can Expect from BiggerBids

Customizable and Quality Auction Templates

There is no doubt our professionally designed template with quality functionality will help enhance your ePier product listing.

Helping you to spark the credibility and reliability you need your target audience to trust you with.

We have more than one hundred auction templates you can select from.

All template designs are updates on a daily basis.

Easy Billing Process

As a one-stop-solution business, we have left no rock unturned.

BiggerBids is a highly customer-centric company.

This means we care for your comfort and ease of use, which not only extends to using our templates and seller tools but is instilled in our payment and billing process as well.

You can make your payment circumventing PayPal, using any credit card of your choosing.

No payment is processed through PayPal.

Unlimited Image Storage

At BiggerBids, we offer all our clients with unlimited image hosting accounts.

You can instantaneously upload high quality images directly on your auction template with any complications.

You can use hundreds of images without having to worry about updating your storage space with us.

Topnotch Customer Support and Free BiggerBids Trial

Being customer-centric, all we want for you is comfortable, accessible and convenience.

That is why our customer support unit will always be there for you no matter how big or small the problem is.

We have experienced designers and webmaster on stand-by to help you with anything you want.

Moreover, by Clicking Here, you can use our templates and seller for 15 day free trial.

Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

  • Hundreds of Professional Templates Hundreds of Professional Templates

    All of our templates have been professionally designed and tested.

  • Unlimited Image Hosting Unlimited Image Hosting

    Image hosting is included with every account and includes handy tools like watermarking, resizing, and bulk uploads.

  • Simple to Use Simple to Use

    BiggerBids has a perfect balance of power and ease. You don’t need to know any HTML or computer languages.

  • Support for Multiple Marketplaces Support for Multiple Marketplaces

    We started out as a primary provider of eBay Auction Templates but have grown to now support many other marketplaces around the world.

  • Time Saving Tools Time Saving Tools

    In addition to a simple process, we also offer multiple tools such as Profiles which are helpful if you sell on different marketplaces or if you sell different kinds of products.

  • eBay Compliant Responsive Templates Mobile Responsive Templates

    All of our templates are Mobile Optimized templates. Responsive Mobile friendly, iPhone Friendly, iPad Friendly, Android Friendly, Tablet Friendly. Mobile Responsive Active Content Compliant Custom Designs Shopper Friendly Eye-Catching Templates.

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