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What is an eBay template?

Quite simply, an eBay template is a predefined framework enabling you to enter important information about your item for sale in specific areas, and it is packaged in an attractive design.

Templates are built using hypertext markup language (HTML) and typically use some form of cascading style sheets (CSS) to provide the look and formatting.

HTML and CSS are the same basic building blocks from which web pages are created.

Note: eBay templates are often referred to as eBay auction templates, eBay listing templates, or eBay HTML templates.

How To Post Your Auction To eBay – Post My First Auction to eBay
How To Create Your First Auction

Why use a template?

There are many reasons to use a template when selling on eBay.

Professionally designed templates help build credibility and confidence in a buyer when they are deciding whether or not to purchase an item from you.

As you know, the eBay marketplace is made up of many individual sellers.

Purchasing an item from eBay is not like buying an item from the Target.com website.

Your potential buyers may have questions such as:

  1. Will this item arrive as described?
  2. Will the item ship promptly?
  3. Will this item arrive at all?

These are all questions that relate back to trust between buyers and sellers.

Creating a positive first impression through the use of a professionally designed template can help bridge this trust gap and instill confidence in your buyers.

Consider this scenario.

Two eBay sellers are offering the same product at the same price and both have comparable feedback scores.

However, the first seller has presented the item for sale using a high quality template.

Essentially every time, the buyer is going to purchase from the first seller (the one using an auction template).

This is precisely how eBay templates help increase your sales and make you stand out from the crowd.

In addition, auction templates can help you build your brand and facilitate cross selling of your other items.

If you are using a quality template solution, you should be able to easily include and promote your eBay store, include your business details, and include custom “policy” sections (e.g. Payment Details, Shipping Details, Return Policy) as desired to the template itself.

What makes a good EBay template?

There are couple main elements that make a good eBay listing template:

Professional Design:

This is the look and feel.

You want a template that looks professionally designed, not one that looks like some kid down the street created it.

You want to present a strong first impression and then close the deal with a sale.

Flexibility & Customization:

Let’s face it, you are a unique seller and you have unique requirements in a template.

On one listing, you may need to include a Refund Policy section.

On the next, you may need to include a Feedback Policy section.

Or today, you may not have an eBay store, but tomorrow you might decide to open one.

When you open your store, you may want to include an eBay store section in your template.

As such, you need a template that can accommodate these variations.

At BiggerBids, our templates are designed to be flexible.

This means you can add and delete sections to meet your needs of today and tomorrow, and the templates will properly adjust to accommodate these new additions or deletions.

Why use BiggerBids  using an eBay template?

No technical skills required:

BiggerBids makes this whole process quick and easy.

With our system, you do not have to know how to write HTML or how to write CSS.

You simply enter your auction details, and then select any one of our high quality professionally designed templates to apply to your content.

Save time:

In addition, you can create and use profiles within our system to really speed up the auction creation process.

With a profile, you simply include information that does not tend to change much from one auction to the next.

When creating your next auction, just apply your new profile to it and the majority of your work will already be done.

Unlimited image hosting and management built in:

Another great feature of our system is our fully integrated image hosting.

You can upload images in bulk directly to your eBay templates or to folders for use at a later time.

Our service offers unlimited image hosting so you don’t have to worry about exceeding your limits and being forced to upgrade.

We also offer advanced image watermarking to help protect your images and promote your brand, as well as simple and effective image editing.

Promote your other auctions:

Previously, we mentioned cross promotion.

BiggerBids offers a fully integrated scrolling gallery solution called Scrolleo.

Scrolleo is a flash based utility that scrolls your other eBay listings across the screen to help promote your other auction listings to potential buyers.

While Scrolleo is offered as a free stand-alone utility to the general public, this popular flash gallery is tightly integrated into BiggerBids for fast and efficient use.

Fully compatible:

At BiggerBids, all of our eBay listing templates use 100% eBay friendly HTML.

Since eBay has strict rules regarding the use of HTML (and Javascript), it can be a tricky process of creating templates that meet these strict requirements.

All of our templates use purely inline CSS styling and absolutely no “active content.”

You can check out eBay’s HTML policy here.

Plays well with others:

Finally, we should mention another huge advantage of our templates and the BiggerBids system.

Do you sell on other marketplaces such as eBid, ePier, Bid4Assets, or any number of other auction websites?

BiggerBids templates can also be used on these auction sites!

So go ahead, register for your completely free 15 day (no credit card required) test drive on BiggerBids!

eBay Template Hacks To Sell On eBay To Make More Money

Do you want to increase your sales and profit margin on eBay?

eBay Templates Hacks To Sell On eBay To Make More Money!

Biggerbids eBay templates are an cornerstone hack to sell on ebay, increase your profits and start making MORE money today!

There are over 25 million sellers on eBay, and a huge chunk of it is already established.

When you’re a newcomer, how will you compete with the veterans?

First, notice their product listings.

You’ll find that many of them use auction templates to sell on eBay.

This is not the sole secret to being a successful seller, but it’s a huge help in translating views into sales.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about using templates to sell on eBay.

eBay Templates Hacks To Sell On eBay To Make More Money

eBay Templates Hacks To Sell On eBay To Make More Money

An auction template is a framework where you need to enter the product details.

Upon entering, the details show up on your listing with the chosen design.

It’s an area on eBay where you can be creative as it doesn’t only show information, it also reflects your shop’s style.

This counts towards the potential customers’ first impression of your shop.

When you sell on eBay, your customers will not only judge you based on price and feedback.

They will also judge you based on your shop’s looks.

When they have a good experience looking at your listing, they’re more likely to keep you as an option.

This is important when you’re selling an item that thousands of other sellers have.

When all of you have competitive pricing, the buyer’s choice depends on which of the listings look professional and credible.

That’s to say that using a template in your listings has a hand in building trust with your customers.

They often judge a shop according to their looks.

So when you look trustworthy, you’ll often be the top choice.

Templates also make your listings look uniform on your shop’s eBay account.

This only adds to the professional feel of your store.

Of course, you’ll only achieve these benefits if your template looks good.

Contact a professional designer who can ensure that the template expresses your style.

Also, make sure that they know all the rules of eBay as they can be strict.

Types of ebay Templates

Choosing which category of templates works for you depends on your current needs.

Consider each one to see which one is best for your shop:

Pre-made HTML Templates

Designers often already have ready templates to sell.

Once you find a template you like, you can buy it and then use it immediately to sell on eBay.

But keep in mind that the designer can sell the same template to different customers.

You may find another shop that uses the same one as you.

The chances of this are slim, though, because thousands of templates are available.

However, there’s an upside to this.

The price of pre-made templates is often lower than custom-made ones.

Custom-Made eBay HTML Templates

Custom templates offer a lot of advantages.

You can dictate what your exact wants and needs are and the designer will accommodate them.

You have the reign over the style and color.

The designer will also account for the tools you use to sell on eBay.

They may also offer a package that includes other pages and a logo.

If you want a uniformed look, this is the best way to go.

This will cost more, though, and you will have to wait for the designer to finish the template.

But when it’s done, it’s yours alone.

The differences between each one are clear, so it’s up to you to choose which one fits your budget and vision.

Ebay Template Hacks – What to Look for

It doesn’t hurt to be a little more meticulous about choosing a template to use.

Here are the factors you need to consider when choosing the perfect template for your shop:

Template Hack – Style and Color

Your template should reflect your brand and the items you sell on eBay.

With the wide selection of templates available, there should be one that fits your taste.

You can also have them custom-made according to your desires.

Yet, keep in mind that the color should be pleasing to look at.

Different shades of neon, for example, might hurt your customers’ eyes.

This doesn’t only look good aesthetically, it might also hurt your sales if your potential customers find it annoying enough to close the tab.

It’s also a good idea to have a uniform look throughout your eBay account.

You can use the same color scheme and style on other pages, like the About Me section of your shop.

eBay Template Graphics

Tons of design choices have the tendency to overwhelm eBay shop owners.

They tend to pick everything they find pleasing and cram them all into the template, making a huge mess.

Keep in mind that they shouldn’t overpower your products.

Detailed graphics help, but these are not the ones you’re selling.

The graphics also affect the loading times.

Files that are too big will take too long to load.

Similarly, too many media items will extend the loading time.

A page that takes too long to load means customers experience longer waiting times.

Talk to your designer so they can reduce and compress the graphics.

#1 Hack – BiggerBids Templates Ease of Use

A good designer won’t make using a template complicated for the average user.

You should be able to understand the instructions even without knowledge of coding.

The instructions should include which section of the HTML code you should modify.

If you need to add a description, you should be able to locate the part where it should go without difficulty.

In a typical code, there are comments from the designer indicating what you need to alter and what you need to put.

If you don’t want to deal with HTML at all, you can also ask if they can give you a template that you can use in TagBot.

The way it works is that you just need to input the details in fields, like filling up a form.

The data-entry software will do the HTML work for you.

BiggerBids Templates Compatibility with eBay

The code should be 100% eBay friendly, meaning it won’t have problems with the platform’s policy.

There are certain codes and scripts that violate eBay’s rules.

These include mouse trailers, floating message boxes, colored scrollbars, and more.

In short, your template code shouldn’t have any script that interferes with eBay’s site.

The selling platform also has a lot of strict rules regarding HTML and JavaScript use.

A good eBay template designer should be aware of these.

It’s not enough that they never had problems with their work even though they’re breaking a few rules.

They should comply with the policies to avoid problems when you sell on eBay.

Proper Coding

There are far too many instances of templates that don’t work because of poor coding.

If you happen to encounter a bad designer, they might not even offer a refund or offer to fix it for you.

Ask your designer to use an app like RagTag before they deliver their work to you.

The free tool locates errors and flag codes that might not pass eBay’s strict rules.

Most would have already heard of it, but those who haven’t will welcome your suggestion.

If the template code passes, then it’s a good code.

Image Hosting On BiggerBids

Most of the time, templates come with graphics and images that need hosting online.

You might need to host icons, buttons, tiles, and other graphics on your own website or on an image hosting service.

This is a basic knowledge you need to learn if you want to use templates to sell on eBay.

If you’re unfamiliar in this territory, ask your designer for support.

Ask your designer if they offer image hosting as well.

Some companies also offer this service so that their customers can upload images.

Some even have advanced features like basic editing and watermarking.

It’s not a necessity, but it’s a welcome feature that enables you to flash your other listings on a product page.

It gives you a higher chance to sell more effectively.

Customers might become interested in one of the listings and add it to their cart when checking out.

However, keep in mind that iOS doesn’t support Flash, which is the primary method of showing a gallery.

You need to discuss with a good designer if using it would interfere in any way.

These factors still depend on your personal tastes.

Make sure you communicate your wants directly to the designer to get the best template for your shop.

Where to Find Auction Templates – BiggerBids.com

You need not look further than eBay to find templates.

There are tons of sellers that offer pre-made and custom-made templates.

Make sure that what you’re purchasing are templates for eBay auctions.

You might confuse them with templates for web pages.

There are also services that specialize in creating eBay auction templates.

An example is BiggerBids, which also offers image hosting to complete the package.

Whatever you choose, you have to confirm if the template complies with eBay’s policies.

You also want someone who provides easy communication options for when you need assistance or when you have questions regarding their products.

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