How To Create Your First Auction

How To Create Your First Auction

Log Into Your Account:

If you haven’t done so already, log into your account.

Establish Your Template Settings

From the top of your screen (hereafter know as “Main Navigation”), click the link that reads My Template Settings.

Each auction you create will render according to the way you have established your template settings.

Scroll through your template settings page and update each section with the applicable information.

Create New Auction

Once your template settings have been established you can begin to create your first auction.

From your Main Navigation, click the Create New Auction link.

Here you will see only a few sections of details that you should fill in.

The only required section is the title of the auction you are creating.

Notice that your Shipping Details section contains the information you set up in your Template Settings.

We provide this section to you again here because we understand that you may want to change minor portions of this section like shipping cost or carrier.

Once you are done filling in the details of your auction click the Save & Continue button.

NOTE: You can always go back to this auction any time to make changes.

Add Pictures To Your Auction

Every auction can have an unlimited number of pictures that will be displayed within it.

This page allows you to upload and manage the orientation and placement of those images.

Once you have uploaded and configured each of the pictures for this auction, you can continue on to choose a template for your auction.

How do I add my logo, Store Logo, etc.?

Choose A Template For Your Auction

Each of our auction templates is professionally designed to “wrap itself around” the information you want displayed in your auction.

From this page you can simply click any of the auction template thumbnails to see how it looks in that layout.

Once you are satisfied with the template you’ve chosen you’re ready to post it to your favorite auction site or service.

Get The Code!

Each time you choose a new template you will see “Your Auction Details HTML Code.”

This code can be copied and pasted to your favorite auction site or service.

How To Create Your First Auction

How To Create Your First Auction

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